What day is it? I kid….sorta! I feel like I am running on auto pilot lately but all the busyness helps me sleep like a baby at night so hey its not all bad! No really the busyness isn’t bad at all I just allow myself to get easily stressed out at the length of my to-do list instead of allowing myself to feel great accomplishment on what I have gotten done I focus on what is left to be done and that is so wrong! I need to get my thoughts in the right place I know that! Ok so theres my little pep talk to myself! Since pretty much everything we own except the necessities is now in boxes and our sweet babies have been so patient through these weeks of not normal routine we figured we needed a change. After the stress of getting our house ready to sell and selling it, and now packing plus building our new home (which has been so exciting and a great experience) we thought it was time for a family vacation. Since spring doesn’t seem to be arriving any time soon around these parts and my sweet babies are dying to play outside we are headed somewhere warm so we can all play outside! I am so excited to get away with my little family and just relax and enjoy each other and not worry about to-do lists and boxes that need packed! Now I just have to get our outfits together for travelling! I don’t know about you but when I travel I like to wear layers since it can always be cool on the plane and since it will be cold when we leave here and hot when we arrive at our destination layering is a must. I also like to be comfy especially since I will have a baby on my lap and climbing all over me but comfy doesn’t have to me frumpy. You can look cute and stylish all while being comfortable! Here is a travel look for the whole family!




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