I am alive! Sorry I’ve been MIA … I have been enjoying soaking up all the family time I can with my babies and my husband. I have tried really hard to just relax and turn off my brain, but lets me honest my brain doesn’t have an off switch although I sure wish it did. We have been busy swimming lots – I am so blessed to have water babies who both love being in the water and are doing so well at swimming. It is just nice to wake up each morning without having to rush out the door anywhere or without a long to do list hanging over my head. As much as I am sad our vacation has come to an end I am excited to get home finish packing the last few boxes and finally make our big long awaited move to our new house. I am excited to see all the finishing touches that have been done while we have been away! While on vacation I of course did some (a lot) of shopping and shoes for the summer was one of the things on my list. Since we spend so many months of the year needing to keep our toes covered living where we do I am so excited for the warmer weather to come and we can start wearing sandals. I have sure enjoyed wearing them while we where away. There are so many different styles of sandals out there so today I thought I would share some of my favourite flat sandals with you.




 One Two Three  Four  Five  Six  Seven Eight  Nine Ten

I thought it was important for me to try an unplug while I was away and be focused on being present. The more I spend time with my babies especially I see how quickly time goes by and how fast they are growing up. So thank you for being understanding while I took the last 10 days to just be with them and enjoy them and not worry about anything else. (ok I might have worried a bit about stuff – just keeping it real). Now we must ease back into reality although there isn’t much time for easing as we have stuff to do and only a few days till our move. Are you guys sick of hearing me talk about it yet? I hope not! Have a great day!

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