I hope you had a great long weekend! We escaped the busyness of home and headed north to the cottage for the weekend and it was the best! My babies love going to the cottage and it is just nice to live a slower pace of life while up there. The weather was really great and the best part was my sister surprisingly was able to come up with my brother in law and I was SO happy to have been able to spend time with her. Although not long enough I am thankful for what I got. The weather has been so nice and hot I am loving it and so are my babies. They love to be outside and although we currently don’t have grass yet #newhouseproblems for them to play on that doesn’t stop them from wanting to be outside. Thankfully our new house has two porches so there is room for them to play and be outside as well as the driveway. I thought I would share some of their favourite toys to play with outside.




Water Table  Cozy Coupe  Picnic Table  Playhouse  Pool No Spill Bubbles Sidewalk Chalk Bug Net Sprinkler Golf Set Swing 

These ideas also make great gift ideas if your little ones have a birthday coming up or you have a birthday party to attend for a little person. My daughter got her play house for her first birthday and she still plays in it almost daily and she is turning 3 next month (but lets not talk about that). Do your little ones like to play outside? If so what are their favourite things to play with? Have a great day everyone!

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