If you’ve been reading my blog for some time now you know how much we love to travel even with our children! My kids are really awesome travellers but I believe part of that is because they have been doing it since they were so little. From weekend trips to the cottage to flights a few times a year they love to travel as much as we do. Now I will be honest now that we have 3 it is a bit more challenging that it was with just one or even two. The youngest I took my baby on a flight was at 6 weeks old and I can honestly say I have never had a terrible flight with them but I also come prepared. When I fly with my kids the first thing I always pack is Lysol wipes because those planes are full of germs and no one wants to go on vacation and end up sick or with sick babies. I lysol wipe their (and my) seats done completely before they touch anything. Maybe a little OCD yes, but if it keeps us healthy I’ll never regret doing it! There is the natural things like snacks, books, colouring pads with markers, favourite toy or stuffie. I also like to pack suckers for taking off and landing to help with their ears. We put new apps/games on their iPads and we just downloaded the movie Trolls so pretty much they will be watching that non stop the entire flight I’m sure.  I also bring a change of clothes because you just never know when you’ll need them as well as their favourite blanket (and soother for baby). I have also pick up a few new little toys and I wrapped them to add to the excitement for them to open on the flight. Thankfully they will nap since its a lengthy flight so I count on those glorious naps to pass some of the flight! To be completely honest kids are unpredictable everyone or at least every parent knows that so I come prepared with things to try and keep them amused but you as a mom just have to stay calm and be flexible cause you really don’t know what each flight will bring!!


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