We had a wonderful weekend celebrating my daughter’s 3rd birthday on Saturday and then Sunday celebrating our favourite guy and grandpa! I think we have finally come off our sugar highs although we are still eating leftover cake and cupcakes but  we all had a great time! This years birthday for my daughter was extra fun since she is finally at the age where she  gets whats going on and that her friends where coming over to celebrate her birthday! When I asked her a few months ago (yes I start thinking and planning that far in advance mostly because I am OCD and because I just love having parties) what she wanted for her birthday party she said “mingos” (her word for flamingos). Of course any mother wants to make their child’s birthday party exactly what they want and when she said that what she wanted was flamingos well my mama’s heart smiled – she is my daughter! Since we just moved into our house and didn’t (up until Friday) have grass I knew having a pool party without a pool was out of the question. So of course I could deliver on the flamingo party but what else could I do for her and her friends to have fun with? It came to me one evening as I was putting her to bed and couldn’t get her to stop jumping on her bed – a bouncy castle. So I talked to my hubby about it and we both knew *at least our kids* would love it so I called around and found an inflatable bouncy castle for our little jumping princess. That bouncy castle was such a great decision the kids all had so much fun and I’ll admit I enjoyed it too! Since some family members and close friends couldn’t make the party I thought I would share some pictures from our girl’s special day!


Three little flamingo’s greeted our guests as they arrived and hung out on our nicely newly laid grass!


The sign on the front door! (I am no chalk board artist)


Birthday Girls Outfit


Her castle all set up! She enjoyed jumping on it before the party started – she got so sweaty she needed a shower before her party! The weather was a perfect day for us to be outside as well!


The table!



The cutest custom made flamingo and monogrammed cookies! They tasted delicious too!



These macaroons where so delicious! Everyone was raving about them! Strawberry and raspberry butter creme filling!


And the candy was not only enjoyed by the kiddies!


We have a loving relationship with a local bakery in town. Tiny Cakes you never disappoint!




My naked cake surprisingly turned out great and I’ll be doing a post about it later this week!

Loved my cake toppers from Little Dovie.


Our little lemonade station – plus other drinks on ice outside!


Gifts for our little guests filled with all of Graylynn’s favourite things!

*it is hard to tell but the pink water bottles have flamingos on them*


Birthday girl with her cousin and mommy! All wearing flamingos of course!

So there is a sneak peak at our baby (I really should stop calling her that) girls party! It was a lot of fun and we even snuck in a little (big) family surprise for our guests as well! It was a great day and she keeps asking when her castle and her friends are coming back so I know she loved her day and really thats all that matters! Hope your week is off to a great start after all it is officially summer now!


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