I thought since its been awhile since I have updated y’all on our family situation that I would do that now. I seriously can’t believe September is here where the heck did the summer go? We had a wet summer and I don’t mean because of all the swimming we did – the weather definitely didn’t cooperate this summer making the few nice days we did have even more precious. We kept busy though we had a cottage stay at the beginning of the summer which my kids are still talking about (you can read about it here) and we finished the summer by a hotel stay! We had weekend trips to auntie and uncles house, trips to the beach, splash pads, park trips, lots of meals enjoyed with friends, a ton of bike riding, someone had a birthday, countless trips to the Safari and over all I would say we had a fun one but man it went way too fast. One thing that did surprise me though was how the closer September got the more antsy the kids got. I found myself thinking “ok now I get how moms say they can’t wait for school to start” which made me sad to think but man those last couple weeks of summer they were giving me attitude, impossible to keep entertained and I was just finding myself craving some routine and schedule that September brings. Probably the most major changed to our family¬†happened the when we got a phone call just before August long weekend. For us our world really changes with a simple phone call and this one wasn’t any different. We had received a call earlier in July and just felt that it wasn’t the right fit for our family which is an extremely hard decision (for me especially) to make but at the same time we have to do what is right for our 3 kids and ultimately for our family so when my phone rang while we were enroute to Ikea I almost didn’t answer. But of course the curiosity of what could (or should I say who could) be waiting on the other end got the best of me and I answered. Quickly I heard the story of a itty bitty baby boy who had been born prematurely and was now 2 weeks old and finally ready to come home and they wanted us to bring him home and care for him until they could figure out a plan of care. Hubby and I both thought this was a fit for our family and we quickly asked the kids how they would feel and they where screaming and excited and asking if they could go to the hospital to meet him right now. So we finished our trip to ikea and headed home to wait for someone to arrive to stay with our kids so we could go up to the hospital and meet the little man. We spent some time with him and quickly feel in love with this little man and left him for one more night to make sure he was ready to leave and went home to get one last full nights sleep. Early the next morning the hospital called saying the dr had done his rounds and he was discharged and we could come get him so after a quick shower we all loaded up into the truck and off we went to the hospital. The kids were sooooo excited and I headed up to the nursery and shortly thereafter brought this little 5.5lb baby boy down to meet our crew and let me tell you the excitement in that car was so heartwarming to this mama! My kids instantly feel in love (if you met him you would too) and watching each of them want to hold him and kiss him and take care of him just solitified we made the right decision! Here we are he is now 7 weeks old and growing and has fit into our family perfectly but life with 4 kids is busy! My oldest two started school last week which has been an adjustment. Last year my oldest went 3 days a week but this year they both are doing 5 which has its pros and its cons. We are slowly readjusting to our new normal and getting off the summer routine of late nights and sleeping in (which I even miss). My youngest even has had a few tears over her best friends being at school all day but she gets over it quickly and is throughly enjoying all the mama attention and the chance to hold “they baby” (as she affectionately calls him) without having to share with her big siblings. Naturally once again my blog has had to take a back seat as I focus on caring for 4 little people. Taking care of 4 kids 5 and under, sleepless nights, early mornings, busy days doesn’t leave this ole’ girl feeling like I have much more to give to anyone else but I am hoping now with 2 in school and a nap time from the 2 at home I can start spending more time doing this because I really do love it – I just love my kids more. I hope you all had a great summer! I love connecting with so many of you on my different social media platforms through comments, dm’s, messages whatever it be I always love to chat and connect! I have also had a lot of you asking questions about fostering and adoption and foster to adopt so I am wondering would it be helpful for you guys if I did like a Facebook live or something like that were we can interact and you can ask me questions and I can answer them? I always try my best to answer your questions in emails and messages it just sometimes easier to do it face to face style since sometimes things are a simple answer if that makes sense! Anyways let me know and we can set something up!


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