I can hardly say the words…last week of summer…. my baby is going to Kindergarten! What?! I know it in my head but my heart is refusing to except it! We have had a full summer and are squeezing every last minute of summer vacation out of this week! This mama was totally not expecting to feel all these feelings about my baby heading off to full day kindergarten. I know my hands will still be full with 2 at home and she is only going 3 days a week so really its fine right? Yeah right!! I tear up just talking about it but I know she is more than ready to go. She is so excited and keeps talking about going off to “the big class” but she is quick to reassure mommy “Don’t worry mommy I’ll come back”. Oh I love her to pieces and am so excited for her to build new friendships and to experience new things and learn more but it came so fast – too fast. Time is a cruel thief! Don’t get me wrong I do somethings (ok maybe more than sometimes when they aren’t getting a long and there is not 1 free moment for me to even pee in peace) look forward to the day they are all in school and I can focus on other things than meeting their every need/want, playing referee, patching up ouchies, cleaning up their messes all day long but in all seriousness I do wish the days went slower that they didn’t grow up quite so fast! I am sure I am not the only mama out there feeling like this! I mean I have friends that are counting down the days till their kiddos are back in school but I know deep down every mama feels that bit of sadness knowing the start of a new school year means and end to another summer and prof that time isn’t slowing down! We have had some fun shopping for the things little missy will need to take to Kindergarten this year so I thought I would share some of our finds with you!

To all you “veteran” mamas out there who see a newbie mama struggling with that goodbye next Tuesday Morning make sure to be extra gracious with them! For anyone who sees me – just give me a warm smile, pass me a kleenex and a Starbucks! Being a mommy takes a lot of courage some days are harder than others and yet I wouldn’t change it for the world! Now I’m off to enjoy the rest of our summer vacation and not worrying about what next week holds!



Nap Mat Lunch Box  Back Pack Shoes Lunch Bag  Water Bottle 

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